i-SKi-SELVA recommend the following 4 airlines.

  • Emirates via Dubai to Milan or Venice
  • Lufthansa via Munich
  • SAA via Munich
  • Turkish Airlines via Istanbul to Milan or Venice
  • Air France
  • IskiSelva recommend Air France as a first choice airline, they can get you into all the gateway cities Venice, Munich, Linate Airport Milano, not Malpensa it is on the wrong side of Milano, the plus for Air France is the return trip, book a mid morning flight, book your luggage through to JHB from your Gateway city and spend an afternoon in Paris you should have at least seven hours to do some sight seeing for the cost of a train ticket. Visit the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre or visit the Marais District, perhaps just stroll The Champs Elysees. Its's certainly worth the effort and gets us using Air France every time.
  • Pentravel
  • i-SKi-SELVA are partnering with Pentravel for people who need the security of having a IATA travel agent on board in case of any unforeseen travel issues that may arise from time to time, just knowing you can call your agent at anytime will give you peace of mind. We have chosen Pentravel for thier consistent good service over the years and their added value in the gateway cities with land arrangements that will work in your favour when it comes to airfares. Pentravel are also a national brand with over 30 branches nationwide. www.pentravel.co.za
  • Pentravel Contact Natasha.hazell@pentravel.co.za to find out about their special airfares and land arrangement deals in the gateway cities.
  • Important passport requirements
  • The following 3 points are important and non-negotiable
  • Check that your passports are in order now, lastminute.com is going to cause you undue anxiety and stress
  • Unabridged birth certificates are required for all travellers under the age of 18 with effect of 1 June 2015 for exiting/entering South Africa.
  • Passport must be valid for more than 6 months on return from your travels
  • Dual citizenship ( eg: South African & British passport holders ) must have both passports in order to travel.
  • Visa's
  • For Visa requirements for South African passport holders travelling to Italy and France, please visit www.capago.eu and follow prompts

Transit to Selva

From your gateway airport, you can transit to Selva by car, train, bus or taxi. The transfer to the resort is part of the fun! Choose one suitable for the size of your party and budget.

Car hire

Car hire is cost effective if you are a family or a small group. When booking, make sure your hire car has snow tires. If you are considering car hire, we encourage using a GPS. Donít hesitate to contact the i-SKi-SELVA team about driving in Italy and finding your way to the resort on foreign roads.


Travelling from Milan, Venice or Verona
Catch the intercity express to Bolzano. From Bolzano catch the local bus service SAD to Selva. There is a bus leaving for Selva every 30 minutes. The bus ride takes approximately 40 minutes, depending on traffic.

For trains from Milan, Venice or Verona to Bolzano. Check out www.trenitalia.com

Travelling from Munich
Catch the Intercity Express. To Bressanone/Brixen. From Bressanone catch the local bus service SAD to Selva. There is a bus leaving for Selva every 30 minutes. The bus ride takes approximately 40 minutes, depending on traffic.

The train to Bolzano is very relaxing allowing you to take in the amazing Italian scenery from Milan, Venice or Verona. From Munich the scenery via Innsbruck and through the Brenner Pass is a visual feast. Catching a train eliminates the hassle of traffic on the motorway which can be extremely busy on ski resort changeover days (Saturdays).

For trains from Munich to Bressanone/Brixen. Check out www.deutschebahn.com/de/start.html

Taxi or bus

You can arrange a taxi, mini bus or bus depending on your requirements from our recommended partners door to door.

Contact:Stefano:   info@alidosi.it

i-SKi-SELVA Travel Tips

Travel slightly off peak leaving South Africa on Wednesday or Thursday giving you a day or two to explore the city you choose to fly in and out of.
Accommodation in the big cities is reasonable at this time of the year and you can plan to visit a few tourist attractions. Why not?

If youíre flying into Munich and staying couple days to explore, donít miss:

  • The Christmas Market and the Glockenspiel in the Marian Platz square.
  • The famous Hofbrauhaus, itís an experience of note! (YouTube link)
  • The C&A ski shop, to stock up on anything you couldnít get in SA.
  • One of our favorite is to visit the Hofbrauhaus.

If youíre flying into Milan and staying couple days to explore, here are a few ideas of what you can get up to:

  • Visit the Duomo.
  • Walk down the Golden Mile, a famous shopping strip in the worlds fashion capital.
  • Day trip to Lake Como, itís worth the effort.
  • Visit The Corso Como District
  • Visit Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the big glass enclosed shopping mall off the main square.
  • YouTube link on what to see in Milan

Flying to Venice and you want to check out the sinking city?

  • Visit St Markís square
  • Take the Vaporetto the water bus to the Lido
  • Visit the islands,Burano is famous for its lace and Murano for glass blowing.
  • Go to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum and spend a couple hours marvelling at the collection of modern art.
  • Take a walk on the Rialto Bridge.
  • If youíre booking early find a self-catering apartment in Venice,theyíre reasonable. Hotels on the island in the old city near St Markís square are very expensive.
  • YouTube link on what to see in Venice

Give Verona a chance, the quaint city might surprise you. Things you can do:

Check out our trip advisor for more detailed infomation on your gateway city

Leaving your gateway city and arriving in Selva
The motorway to Selva is the main Corridor between Italy, Germany and Austria. Leave your gateway city early. Traveling on Saturday morning, hit the road by 8am at the latest. You want to get ahead of the traffic and arrive in the village in time to get ski hire, ski pass and lessons organized so youíre ready for action the following day.

After a day of travelling and settling into the resort, aprŤs ski in the Luis Keller with friends and family, kids included everywhere.


If you are flying out of Verona on Air France and youíre up for an afternoon in Paris, book an 11.00am flight. You will land in Paris around midday giving you an 8-10 hour layover. Catch the train into the city and spend a few hours in Paris! Check out An afternoon in Paris

Tip:Book your luggage direct to SA from Verona. When in Paris, keep an eye on time know what time you need to return to the airport.